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Manufacturers sign letter to support Murkowski bill

Manufacturers are beginning to see the critical importance of developing rare earth minerals in the U.S. That’s why a coalition of them signed onto a letter supporting Senator Lisa Murkowski’s (R-AK) bill S. 1113.

Read more: http://www.hdma.org/Main-Menu/HDMA-Publications/Diesel-Download/May-31-2011/MEMA-Signs-Letter-Supporting-Critical-Rare-Earth-Mineral-Bill.html

Letter: http://mema.org/Document-Vault/DC-LettersTestimony/2011/Letter-to-Senator-Murkowski-NAM-coalition-finalv.pdf

Bill info: http://hdl.loc.gov/loc.uscongress/legislation.112s1113

Full excerpt:

MEMA Signs Letter Supporting Critical, Rare Earth Mineral Bill

MEMA Washington Insider

MEMA and a coalition of  manufacturers and automakers sent a letter this week to Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee Ranking Member Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) supporting her efforts on bipartisan legislation to address weaknesses in the U.S. domestic supply chain of critical minerals.  Sen. Murkowski’s legislation, S. 1113, seeks to create a comprehensive U.S. plan to address domestic supply chain disruptions that could arise from Chinese export quotas on rare earth minerals.

The bill directs the relevant agencies to inventory the U.S. supply of critical minerals, classify which minerals are critical to U.S. industry and create an interagency working group to study possible solutions to streamline the permitting processes for mines and processing operations.

In addition to these efforts in the Senate, the House Natural Resources Committee held a hearing on “Strategic and Critical Minerals Policy: Domestic Minerals Supplies and Demands in a time of Foreign Supply Disruptions” earlier this week.

Witnesses from mining groups and GOP lawmakers criticized the lengthy permitting periods currently slowing new U.S. mining operations. At the same time, Democratic lawmakers and a witness from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology cautioned that domestic supplies alone would not address the problem.  They pointed to alternative foreign sources, replacement materials and recycling as part of the solution. Full testimony and the archived webcast can be found here.

House Natural Resources Committee Chairman Doug Lamborn (R-Colo.) has also introduced a critical materials bill (H.R. 2011) this week.

Since critical/rare earth minerals are essential to the supply chain of advanced technology vehicle components, MEMA will continue to work with the NAM and other coalition partners to support legislative efforts to ensure adequate supplies.

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