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New from Resourceful Earth: The Enviro Conundrum

Green hypocrisy is nothing new, in fact it seems to be an integral part of the environmental movement. Like layers of an onion, as one layer of hypocrisy is pulled away it only reveals yet another layer.

The latest from Resourceful Earth exposes one of the Enviro Conundrums facing the environmentalists these days. That conundrum is that they are making it virtually impossible to mine for copper in the United States under the pretense of saving the environment. A good example of this is the Pebble Mine Project in Alaska. The problem with this is that the alternative forms of energy they purport to be clean and green use substantially more copper than what we have been using all along.

Referring to a piece written by Joseph Moser at The Daily Caller Resourceful Earth notes:

Moser’s point is important — environmentalists want to massively scale up development of electric vehicles, solar panels, windmills, etc but don’t want to approve of projects that will extract these minerals from the earth. Do they think that these materials are summoned out of the sky? No — you have to dig them up out of the ground, and unfortunately, that disturbs the natural environment. But you can’t have it both ways, and there is no alternative to this.

As Moser notes, cars use a lot of copper. As do solar panels and windmills. Each modern windmill built uses almost 10,000 pounds of copper, which has risen in price by 700 percent in the last 10 years. One way to increase the feasibility of ‘green’ energy development would be to encourage projects such as Pebble which would reduce the price of raw materials used in these projects.

So if we aren’t getting copper here in the United States than where is all that copper coming from to power up those electric cars and cell phones? Why China of course. China is providing 97% of the copper production while the U.S. provides lest than 1%. No wonder it is costing us so much!

Do you think that China is being more conscientious than the United States would be about how they are extracting copper from the Earth? It seems to me that for the environmentalists its more about it being out of sight and out of mind than a sincere concern about our environment.

Mines located in other countries often have horrid safety rates — much worse than those of the United States — and little to no regard for pollution or environmental damage. Just because you can’t see the mines or pollution that exist in China, etc. doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

That IS an enviro conundrum.


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