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EPA Unveils New Standards For Coal-Fired Power Plants

The EPA has unveiled new standards for coal-fired power plants. The ‘green’ people are really happy about this. Unfortunately, it will cost us a fortune.

Lisa Jackson

The environmentalists are applauding the tough new government regulations that are being implemented against the coal industry. When the industry responds that this is a costly, especially in these hard economic times, the response from the environmentalists is that people should just pay higher prices for energy or budget their energy use. Does that mean you should just use your electricity on Monday, Wednesday and Friday?

The Environmental Protection Agency seems determined to put energy companies of all varieties out of business in the United States. That cost is much more complex than just paying more for energy or cutting down on energy usage. That means more people out of work (a LOT more people), which means fewer people shopping at the mall, which means more people out of work and fewer people shopping … you might get the point. The ripple effects are endless.

It also means that we will be buying even more energy from China and other countries who don’t worry about regulations and the effects on the environment.

As always I wonder why the environmentalists are only concerned about pollution in the United States and Europe. If they were truly concerned about the environment they would be encouraging more production and mining of resources here in the United States where there IS regulation as opposed to shopping it out to third world countries who don’t have any restrictions or regulations.

We have received dismal news about unemployment for June just as the EPA unveils new standards for coal-fired power plants. The new rules and regulations are scheduled to go into affect in 2012.

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