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Dr. Ann Maest Caught on Video Faking Environmental Data

Ann Maest

Suppose you are a scientist who has based your entire belief system on the current environmentalists ‘sky-is-falling’ theories. You have gained some prestige within the environmentalists industry and gotten some very nice jobs and met a lot of famous and influential people because you can use your credentials to prop up beliefs that are keeping them all in the money. Then, lets suppose, your own research contradicts that belief system that has worked so well for you and your friends and its really not ‘popular’ not to believe in that. Well what should you do? Well, fake the data, naturally.

Environmentalism is what happens when science and religion get together to form a whole new movement. It diminishes both science AND religion.

Read about more environmentalists lies, particularly, how Dr. Ann Maest got cause on video faking environmental data.

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