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Nature Conservancy Scientist Says “Nature is often resilient, not fragile”

We’ve written before about scientists accused of fabricating data (*cough*Ann Maest*cough*) to “prove” their radical agenda, so it’s only right to highlight those scientists who look at the data and do not try to manipulate it to fit their particular world view.

Meet Dr. Peter Kareiva, chief scientist at The Nature Conservancy. With a master’s degree in environmental biology and a Ph.D. in ecology and evolutionary biology, Dr. Kareiva has worked in academics and conservation for over thirty years.

What makes Dr. Kareiva and his work stand out in the scientific community is his willingness to follow the data, question long-held beliefs that were based on assumptions and speak out about what is actually happening in the environment today.

“We love the horror story,” Kareiva said. He was dressed in New Balance running shoes, a purple sweater and rumpled tan trousers. “We just love it. The environmental movement has loved it. That, I think, is … [a] strategy failure. And it’s actually not supported by science.”

This is not some vague hypothesis, he added to murmurs. He’s seen it in the data.

“The message [has been that] humans degrade and destroy and really crucify the natural environment, and woe is me,” he said. “The reality is humans degrade and destroy and crucify the natural environment – and 80 percent of the time it recovers pretty well, and 20 percent of the time it doesn’t.”

Of course, this makes him wildly unpopular with those who do not actually take the scientific approach. He’s been called a “know-it-all,” a “bomb-thrower,” a “provocateur.”  Early writings of his at The Nature Conservancy so outraged fellow scientists they wanted him reprimanded and TNC to forbid him to write articles like it ever again.

So how DOES The Nature Conservancy feel about this? Well…

On the Gulf Coast, for example, it recently planned a mile and a half of oyster reef. Rather than just scouting for the most ecologically vital spot, though, the conservancy also accounted for low-income towns that could most suffer from a storm surge and gain from having a reef to help block it. One of those vulnerable regions got the reef.

How refreshing – a scientist and an organization that understand that people are also a part of nature and take us into account.

Dr. Kareiva is an excellent model of what his profession should be about—following the data—rather than activist-scientists trying to promote their own political agenda.


Americans for Prosperity Protest a Success at the EPA Hard Rock Mining Conference

With signs declaring the American worker is the real endangered species, Colorado’s Americans for Prosperity showed up to protest the EPA Hard Rock Mining conference in Denver. After pressure from sources like Resourceful Earth News and others, disgraced scientist Ann Maest withdrew from the conference panel. Read more about it below and see related photos and a video.

Americans for Prosperity

Americans for Prosperity

Last month we reported that Dr. Ann Maest was scheduled to be a part of the EPA’s Hard Rock mining conference in Denver, Colorado. The problem is that Dr. Maest had been caught fabricating data to support her environmental activist point of view. Very naughty not to mention unprofessional.

Dr. Maest was replaced on the conference panel after an email campaign and pressure from Resourceful Earth and others.

Unfortunately Stratus, the group she represents, was not replaced. Instead, Stratus replaced Dr. Maest with a less well-known and less controversial representative. Naturally, this implies that the EPA is still embracing questionable, agenda-driven scientific ‘findings’ that support the Obama Administrations apparent attempts to over-regulate the mining industry out of business and Americans out of jobs.

“Ann Maest and Stratus Consulting are poster children for the kind of questionable, agenda-driven ‘science’ that federal regulators and their green allies outside government use to block energy production, increase consumer costs, kill jobs and smother the American economy in unnecessary red tape,” said AFP-CO State Director Jeff Crank. “We hope this Give Red Tape a Rest Rally will remind the rogue regulators at EPA, and their masters in the White House, that the American people are losing patience with, and just can’t afford, this regulate-everything, costs-be-damned attitude at EPA.”

The Americans for Prosperity-Colorado held a protest rally called ‘Give Red Tape a Rest’! The protest was a success with over 100 protesters who received support from on-lookers. Even while the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) works behind the scenes with regulations to attempt to stop America’s energy independence, the average American wants American oil and coal along with the jobs retrieving those resources supplies!

We are pleased with the success we’ve had with having Dr. Ann Maest exposed as a fraud, but there is more work to do. We will continue working to expose the EPA’s over-regulation practices and the Obama Administrations attempts to demonize and stymie American energy independence!

The EPA is Still Doing Business With Ann Maest

Ann Maest

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is a government agency whose stated purpose is to oversee the development of our natural resources in order to ensure that minerals such as coal, oil and natural gas are extracted from the Earth in a responsible manner. Ideally, one would think that this would mean just that, that companies could apply to the EPA, they would oversee that company’s plan for making sure the environment wasn’t harmed while they go about the business of extracted precious materials from the ground. Then the companies could go about their business of providing resources to the general population as needed.

Unfortunately, the EPA has become politicized and it would appear to be more busy preventing the development of natural resources in the USA rather than ensuring that it is done responsibly.

Case in point is Dr. Ann Maest. She is an environmental activist who has been caught red-handed fabricating data to bolster a case against Chevron over the winter. A scientist falsifying data would ordinarily be a shameful thing to do and result in that scientists dismal from whatever positions they hold and would certainly undermine their credibility.

That would be the case were it not for the fact that her environmental activism is the cause du jour and happens to coincide with the agenda of the powerful Obama Administration’s Environmental Protection Agency. Instead of her work being drawn into question, she has been used as an adviser and consultant with the EPA. In fact, she will be a panelist at the U.S. EPA Hardrock Mining Conference 2012 in Denver, Colorado.

The next time you are filling up your gas tank with $5.00 per gallon gas or paying your electric bill you might remember that when President Obama was campaigning for the presidency he stated that under his policies energy rates would necessarily skyrocket. Apparently he wasn’t kidding.

Resourceful Earth has put together a letter that you can send to Lisa Jackson, the EPA administrator, asking her to rethink doing business with Dr. Ann Maest and utilizing her questionable scientific data in decisions made by the EPA. The letter also ask Dr. Maest to be removed from the panel of the U.S. EPA Hardrock Mining Conference.

Go here to sign the letter.

Dr. Ann Maest Caught on Video Faking Environmental Data

Ann Maest

Suppose you are a scientist who has based your entire belief system on the current environmentalists ‘sky-is-falling’ theories. You have gained some prestige within the environmentalists industry and gotten some very nice jobs and met a lot of famous and influential people because you can use your credentials to prop up beliefs that are keeping them all in the money. Then, lets suppose, your own research contradicts that belief system that has worked so well for you and your friends and its really not ‘popular’ not to believe in that. Well what should you do? Well, fake the data, naturally.

Environmentalism is what happens when science and religion get together to form a whole new movement. It diminishes both science AND religion.

Read about more environmentalists lies, particularly, how Dr. Ann Maest got cause on video faking environmental data.